About Us

GGB Exhaust is a design, manufacturing facility specializing in silencing solutions for high performance engines.

Our obsession
Is to squeeze the most possible power out of an engine through the exhaust system. Although we appreciate the roar of open headers and straight pipes, these type of systems have their place and those places seem to be getting few are far between. That said, we have spent countless hours over the years developing new silencing technology to meet today's increased noise regulations without sacrificing performance.

Why us?
Because we care about your satisfaction after the sale. And if you want excellent customer service, high quality products, leading technology and prompt shipping and delivery, then we do that too.

Contact us
Have a question? Get in touch with us. We are located in Burks Falls, Ontario Canada.
Phone 705-382-5275 or info@ggb.ca

From left: Graham Barkey, Richard Hackett, Tom McConkey, Don Emery, Curtis Emery

From left: Graham Barkey, Richard Hackett, Tom McConkey, Don Emery, Curtis Emery

Graham Barkey
President, GGB Exhaust Technologies

Graham is a second generation exhaust designer. Growing up in his fathers shop he learned the art of exhaust fabrication at a very young age. By 1989 he was working full-time building motorcycle headers for a dominant Canadian label. In 1993 he designed his first snowmobile exhaust and built a pro stock drag sled to campaign on the weekends. During the 90’s, snowmobile and motorcycle exhaust were the mainstay. In 1999 a local marina operator approached him about a muffler system for a customer’s 572 ci engine and the quest to build the best high performance marine muffler began. Since that time, building snowmobile exhaust, racing and developing the silencing technology found here today has been the fuel that drives him.

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